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6 Reasons why mulching is good for your garden

Summer is finally here, and in Toronto we are really blessed with the warm and sunny days. While you are enjoying the great weather outdoor, don't forget that it also means your garden needs some additional tending to, for it to withstand the more extreme temperature. Here in this article I would like to share the benefits and importance of Mulching, which can help protect your garden bed plants/trees to stay stronger and healthier, and also beautifies your lawn.

Benefits of adding mulch for your garden beds:

1. Retain moisture for your garden bed plants, slows down the evaporation of moisture from the soil.

2. Act as an insulation layer for the soil so that temperature of covered area changes more slowly, protect plants from extreme temperature (from immediate impact from sun’s rays on a hot sunny day, or overnight below-zero temperature from frost damage), allow plants to grow longer and withstand harsh winter temperatures by protecting plants’ roots.

3. Suppresses weed growth in garden beds by making it more difficult for weed roots to get to soil to grow, and prevents sunlight from reaching germinating weeds when covered under a layer of mulch.

4. Use only properly treated mulch which also contains organic materials that can break down over time. It provides nutrients-rich organic matter to the soil and help feed the plants and organisms that can help plant grow.

5. Protect your garden beds by keeping rain water from washing away soil which is essential for your plants to grow healthily.

6. Gives a polishing look for your lawn and it’s much easy to care than other ground-covers. Properly added mulch should not be too thick, to avoid insects/pests from finding habitat. It should be evenly placed for the above mentioned benefits.

If you've lived in Toronto for some time, it's no surprise to you that the hi and low temperature really fluctuates (+/- 10-15 °C), often times within a single day. Taking additional care and protective measures for your garden beds can help protect your investments (not just money, but also time!), and maintain the nice looking garden that you and your family can enjoy.

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